‘Box’ Founders Manage to Lure in Mark Cuban to Invest in Their Company-CEO Talk

CEO TalK Aaron Winsor Levie, The Co-founder and CEO of Cloud Company Box.
'Aaron Winsor Levie', The Co-founder and CEO of Cloud Company Box.

‘Aaron Winsor Levie’, The Co-founder and CEO of Cloud Company Box.

Isn’t it positively shocking to hear in a ceo talk that a college student come up with such a fantastic startup idea that top notch investors like Mark Cuban were interested in it? Well, it has happened for a cloud based storage company named “Box”.
How did the whole investment happen?

Mr. Mark Cuban was the owner of the one of the most trending blogs – blogmaverick.com when the whole idea of Box came to him through the CEO of the company, Aaron Levie. The idea of box was developed in a dorm room back in 2005. Aaron had not actually sold the idea to Cuban but had approached him only to cover the story about the company in his tech blog. That was when Cuban showed interest in the startup and decided to take it to another level.

The first meet of both the parties

While both parties never met, Mark Cuban did all the due diligence required before investing in the idea. Both the parties met for the first time in an informal setting – a basketball game and that was when they took things further.

In a pitch by Mark Cuban about why he chose to invest in this company, he very clearly stated the benefits he found in the new idea. Further Aaron Levie has also released a podcast where he has explained how everything happened and how he took Box public by the time he was 29. Today, the company and its services are used by public at large.


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