Indian Americans to Have Key US Government Positions

 Key US Government Positions by Indian Americans
Indian Americans to Have Key US Government Positions

     Key US Government Positions by Indian Americans

Indians have been creating their mark not only within the country but also globally. Just recently, the US Government Senate has confirmed that there will be three Indians who will be handling key positions in the US Government offices.

  • Neil Chatterjee
  • Krishna Urs
  • Vishal Amin

The team has confirmed that Neil Chatterjee will be a member of one of the prominent commissions – The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

At the same time, Krishna Urs was also confirmed to be a part of the US Ambassador to Peru. He has been in this career since 1986 after Nikki Haley and thus there is no doubt that he will prove to be one the best Indian representatives. He is the second Indian – American to be at this high-level position.

Mr. Vishal Amin is now selected as the IP (Intellectual Property) Enforcement Coordinator in the administration of Trump. Before attaining this top notch position, he served under the administration of none other than the President, Mr. George Washington Bush. His position there was as an associate director for Domestic Policy.

All three of them have proven their potential and thus have gained such an eminent position in the US Government. They represent all Indians and are known throughout.



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