Mr. Nandan Nilekani: The New Chairman of Infosys has Some New Goals

Nandan Nilekani Infosys New Chairman
Nandan Nilekani: The New Chairman of Infosys has Some New Goals

Nandan Nilekani Infosys New Chairman

Just last week, Infosys underwent a major paradigm shift of Nandan Nilekani Infosys new chairman– may be a good news for some and maybe the other way round for the others, but it is a news the country has to live with. The new Chairman was announced and Mr. Nandan Nilekani was declared the proud new Chairman.

It has been reported that Mr. Nilekani, was a part of the 7 founders of the company which was led by Mr. Narayan Murthy. Having won the battle over several government lapses, Mr. Nandan has promising goals for the company.

Nandan Nilekani The new Chairman’s goals

As soon as Nilekani was declared the new post, he did not shy away from proposing some of his immediate plans to actions. Some of them included-

  • To look for a new CEO
  • Reconstitute the entire current existing board
  • Come up with a realistic and achievable strategy for the future

Apart from these immediate goals, he also aimed at addressing the investors to talk to them in detail about the recent hustle bustle due to the sudden exit of the chief of Infosys.

Mr. Nandan Nilekani and his achievements

It has been revealed by sources that the new chairman has been successful to raise the revenue bar to $2 Billion to $500 Million in the past and thus he is a promising candidate. This hit increase in the revenue had happened during his CEO tenure in the year 2002 – 2007.

He, along with the existing board has begun their head hunt for a new leader – he/she could be from within the organization or an external hire too.

Nilekani reports that his inbox had already been flooded with potential recommendations and profiles for the new position. He stresses that he is not only looking for the best competency, but the cultural fit is also a key aspect to look into.


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