Shikha David Makeup Artist Founder of PANACHHE

Shikha David Makeup Artist Founder of PANACHHE
Shikha David Makeup Artist Founder of PANACHHE

Shikha David Makeup Artist Founder of PANACHHE

Shikha David Makeup Artist Founder of PANACHHE, learned at an early age the importance of accepting and loving who you are. Her natural ability to make clients not only look beautiful but feel beautiful. She is passionate about helping women look their best and feel confident every day. She is the founder of “Panachhe Finishing and Grooming Academy”, a well-known name in Agra, which has created a benchmark in the field of beauty and creative makeups.

How long have you been doing makeup, and how did you get started?

I started my affair with beauty at a very tender age. I was obsessed with makeup! Even after graduating as a science student I always thought of becoming a makeup artist. My persistent inclination towards this field made my father realized. Then I began studying from CIDESCO University, London. I also get training under Shahnaz Husain, Blossom Kotcher,  Gurpreet Sibble and Shivani Sharma puts me into the league of Nail Crafters. They all contributed to my journey into this fantasy field.

What prompted you to open your own Academy?

After going through the challenges of destiny was born, my baby “PANACHHE” the styling studio and grooming academy where passion is innovation. I always want to give the city its first complete training center and studio, which provide etiquette training, image building and behavior transformation to the clients.

Tell me about panachhe

Panache is a brand which has created a benchmark in the field of beauty and creative makeups. It is known to transform a simple face into glamour look. Panachhe is growing and being recognized as a platform for progressive cities catering to the needs of an aspiring professional who get the comfortable environment to build up a career in this non-recessive industry. Panachhe is offering a number of certified courses in comprehensive makeup artistry and hair styling, permanent extensions, nail art and professional grooming. Powered and backed up by a number of stalwarts from the beauty industry like IIFT, Makeup Studio, M.A.C, Pearl Academy LA VIVO, Cuccio and Lure Nails.

What are the challenges of your career?

The challenges I think is that makeup artists are required to remain up to date with new trends and fashion. As the fashion industry evolves on a daily basis and you have to be upgraded accordingly.

How did you achieve your goal?

I aggressively work hard to accomplish my goals despite insufficient means and ended up catching on to the threads which lead me to the dawn of my career. I always tried to understand what the client wants, what are their specifications and then blended it with modern techniques and playing with my own ideas came up with delectable looks.

What do you as Makeup Artist Shikha David love most about makeups?

Transformation and the way it can about new and renewed life. Makeup has been and it is a very integral part of fashion and ramps. The glamour quotient of the model is enhanced with the right makeup. Every designer takes you a different journey and makeup takes them to another level.

How would you describe your work that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

My work is appreciated as it is subtle, not- repetitive and very cosmopolitan. I work very much like a painter works on canvas, working with light and texture and simplicity.

What advice can you (Makeup Artist Shikha David) give to prospective students thinking about a career in makeup artists?

Keep learning, growing, always chase your dreams and never stop learning!! That is the key to everything!

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