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IT Outsourcing Partners Vol1

Adarsh Prasad J V: Consystent Infotech

Consystent Infotech: A Leading Business Process Outsourcing Services Company

Adarsh Prasad J V: A Leader who Believes in Being Organized and Process-Driven Business outsourcing is an ever-evolving arena of business management that’s essential to...
Khaja Moinuddin: Cosmicvent Software

Cosmicvent Software: Focused on Delivering Great Web Applications and Developing New Products

Khaja Moinuddin: A Business Leader with an Ability to Take the Initiative It’s a no-brainer that a website’s potency portrait by its representation, appearance, and...
Sunil Sharma: HawksCode Softwares

HawksCode Softwares: An IT Service Provider Company

Sunil Sharma: A Perfect Blend of Knowledge, Creativity, Skill, Passion, Innovation, and Dedication In order to stay updated with the changing trends in the market,...
Naveed Nathan: TRIWITS Technologies

Triwits Technologies: An Experienced Research Work Application Development Organisation

Naveed Nathan: A Creative Thinker and an Innovative Entrepreneur In today’s world of information technology, every small or high-growth business is facing challenges in structuring...
Parveen Mittal: 30Days Technologies

30Days Technologies: Helping Expansion of Businesses Through Online Means

Parveen Mittal: A Great Business Leader with Great Personality With the advancement of new technologies and researches, the IT industry is evolving at a faster...
Ashish Kumar Prajapati : AIS Mobile Apps & GAMES

AIS Mobile Apps & GAMES: Develop and Design Ingenious Products for Mobile and Web...

Ashish Kumar Prajapati: An Entrepreneur who Never Dreamed of Success, Instead Worked for it In today’s cut-throat competitive world, it has become important to stay...