Handmade Designer Eyewear Ellison

Handmade Designer Eyewear Ellison by Mr. Aristotle Loumis
Handmade Designer Eyewear Ellison by Mr. Aristotle Loumis

Handmade Designer Eyewear Ellison

Ellison Eyewear, Inc: Handmade Designer Eyewear Ellison The Company that was created in the corridor

Who doesn’t love sunglasses? It protects the eye, makes one look good and stylish and most importantly, brings in privacy allowing you to see better.  As a matter of fact, the international eyewear industry has been valued at a $ 102. 66 Billion in the year 2015.

With this industry growing, Aristotle Loumis took this as an opportunity to convert his passion into a company and that was when this amazingly unique firm – Ellison Eyewear was born. The founder and CEO realized that though sunglasses are so much in demand, the industry providing this product is fragmented and was being ruled by just a few giant corporations. That was when he decided to seize the moment and come up with his own fashion brand of sunglasses.

About the CEO

Mr. Aristotle Loumis is an entrepreneur by profession and philanthropist by nature. He has a passion for designs of utmost top quality and that’s what makes his sunglasses brand unique from the rest. He belongs to the city of Chicago and he began his research of this company in that city and then moved globally, before finally launching the brand in 2014.

At present, Aristotle is the Youth Profession Chair of the Greek America Foundation and Project Hope for Greece. He is also a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization Fellowship Program and the Founder of Charity Marathon in Chicago, IL.

Loumis’s Vision of Ellison Eyewear

Aristotle believes in aiming at the moon and settling in for nothing less. He envisions Ellison to deliver exceptional client services throughout the lifetime of the company and the customer. He has been building an integrated model to support the vision.

The pricing and material modeling behind Handmade Designer Eyewear Ellison

Mr. Loumis wanted to deliver the best at honest prices and also not harm the society at the same time. Thus, after years of research, he decided to opt for his own family-owned factory, to be the manufacturing unit for his eyeglasses. This factory is located in Greece, and that’s exactly where he spent most of his time conducting research and learning the entire process of producing and developing designs, all by himself.

Giving back to the society

With all this going perfectly, and while traveling two journeys at the same time – entrepreneurship and philanthropy, Aristotle could not just sit back and relax while his company grew with each passing day. He wanted to give back to the society in some form or the other. This thought gave birth to donations to the Aravind Eye Care. A portion of each sale of this eyewear showroom goes to the eye care, whose sole mission is the eradication of blindness.

After about three years of research and development, Ellison eyewear, today is just a few months old, but already has managed to have local, national and even international retailers on board. They began their journey from Lowa and today, they have about 10 stores in Greece.

The Fashion Initiators


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